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Our well-equipped, spacious rehearsal rooms are perfect creative spaces for practicing, writing and playing music. We have curated each room to provide a comfortable practice space that sounds tight and controlled, so that you can focus on what you do best!

The rooms all come with a mixing console with effects, drum kit with hardware (no cymbals/pedal) and microphones with stands and cables.

We also have a large collection of guitar and bass amplifiers to hire.


Studio 1 is our medium size rehearsal studio for up to 6 piece bands. Closest to the front, Studio 1 has easy access to the coffee shop and parking lot and has lots of warm, natural light during the day. The Studio comes with a comfortable couch and ambient lighting. With acoustic panelling on the ceiling and walls, studio 1 has tight, controlled acoustics



Studio 2 is a large dedicated rehearsal space for up to 12 piece bands. Situated in the center of the building, studio 2 is a beautifully lit, comfortable space with plenty of seating. The room is treated with acoustic panels on the ceiling and walls and has well-rounded, clean acoustics.



While usually a photographic studio, Studio 3 also doubles as a medium sized rehearsal room for up to 8 piece bands. The room comes with a comfortable couch, plenty of seating and ambient lighting The 180 degree infinity curve is topped by an acoustic panel on the ceiling with all the other room walls acoustically panelled. The curve gives the room a volume boost and live sounding acoustics.



Studio 6 is a medium sized rehearsal room for up to 6 piece bands. Tucked away in the back corner of the building, this studio is a private, creative space with warm, ambient lighting and comfortable seating. The room has tight, controlled acoustics and acoustic panelling.



As well as being our main recording room, the Soundcast Live room also acts as a premium rehearsal room for up to 14 piece bands. This spacious, creative space is beautifully lit and air conditioned for a comfortable rehearsal experience. With wall panelling and a wood pallet wall the sound of the live room is well-rounded and clean.