Recording Studio Cape Town

Welcome to Soundcast Studios: a music recording, mixing, mastering and production studio situated in Woodstock, Cape Town. Come and record your single, demo, E.P, album or anything in between.

We love recording music, and every project is a new experience where we care about the artistic side of your music as much as producing professionally recorded and produced tracks. With over 20 years collective experience as well as playing in and recording numerous national charting and SAMA nominated bands such as The Plastics, Alice Phoebe Lou, Beast, Petite Noir, Beach Party, Fantasma, Citizen Whosane, Sol Gems, Toyah Delazy, Well Done Sun, Stelth Ulvang, Polo Cummings, Red Tape Riot, December Streets, we strive to get the most out of your music in every way.


– Recording music is a delicate and intimate experience, so we create an open environment where you feel comfortable and can engage emotionally with your music.

– We never want the recording sessions to feel like it is just a technical process, so we also focus on maintaining the intention and meaning of your songs throughout the recording and production.

– We want you to get everything you want to out of your songs, both technically and artistically.