TVPC Media

TVPC has been around since forever. We work from concept through to final delivery.


We specialise in three areas:
broadcast television series
multi-cam studio productions
virtual set studio

In-house equipment includes HD and 4k camera rigs, a DJI Phantom 4 drone, multi-cam control-room studio, greenscreen virtual-set studio, Avid and Premier video post-production.


Virtual sets use a green-screen background which is replaced by a three-dimensional, authentic-looking virtual background.

TVPC designs and uses virtual studio-sets in its green-screen studio, for stand-up or sit down, news, sports, weather, business, magazines, panel discussions, press conferences.

Features include integration of real backgrounds (city-skyline, sports stadium, newsroom, trading floor), and virtual TV monitors on which logos, images or videos can be dislplayed.


Single-cam or multiple camera vision-mixed live streaming, including drone angles.
Note: TVPC does not provide streaming as a standalone service, but only as a feed from our event-coverage services.


All the tech in the world is expensive junk if you don’t have a story to tell.
We craft client’s concepts into compelling narratives that keep viewers engaged, entertained and inspired.

Gordon Greaves: Executive Producer/Scriptwriter

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