CTOWN spots: MOJO Market Live

CTOWN spots:  MOJO Market Live


We’ve all heard of The Mojo Market, where you go to grab a beer and tacos after a day at Clifton, or an ice cream while walking through Sea Point. Connected to the legendary hotel, the hip lifestyle venue with a large variety of foods is a favorite for lunch as well as for coffee or drinks after work. What everyone might not know about (unless you’re a regular) is their seven days a week-entertainment. Every single day, throughout the year, local artists and musicians perform on the markets’ stage.

“If you happen to be looking for free live music, this is for sure one of the places to be”

On November 26th alternative folk singer Paige Mac will be playing on the markets’ live stage, a show we recommend you don’t miss. She has been rehearsing and recording her music at Soundcast since our start and is still working closely with the studio to create new content. Take a minute and head over to her Soundcloud to get as hooked on her music as we are. Catch us in the crowd, sipping on a beer, enjoying some good live music. Paige Mac http://www.paigemac.com/ MOJO Market https://www.mojomarket.co.za/