Durban singer Majozi about faith, confidence and opening for the Lumineers

Durban singer Majozi about faith, confidence and opening for The Lumineers


This week we had the honor of hosting Nhlanhla Majozi and his band for a rehearsal in the studio. The self taught guitarist from the coastal city of Durban has opened for international artists such as The Lumineers and been ranked no.9 overall on the South Africa iTunes chart. We got the chance to sit down and talk with this humble man, about his faith, his lack of confidence and of course, music.
According to himself , Durban has quite a small creative scene, it’s a place where you have to work really hard to make yourself a name. Something he definitely did and that has brought him where he is today. But there aren’t any hard feelings towards the city or the scene in Durban, other way around.

”It forces you to do it for the love of it and not for some financial gain”

A few years back, Majozi got to open for the Lumineers. At the time he’d played very few big gigs and to go from playing at cafés and smaller venues he now got the opportunity to stand infront of thousands of people. Tell us about the reaction when you got the question, how was it?
It was amazing. I was just starting out in the industry and I didn’t have an agent at the time. I was just playing a few gigs here and there. I’d done maybe one or two gigs in Cape Town before and a few gigs in Johannesburg. I wasn’t exposed to playing that kind of scale around the country. I digged it, they were really nice people. I’m still friends with one of the guys, he comes here often.

”I still cry every time I listen to their music”

In previous interviews Majozi talks quite a lot about confidence, or rather his lack thereof. Being a public person there is a lot of pressure on you, especially in the music industry, where you’re expected to constantly create new and improved material. How do you deal with your confidence, or rather your lack of it? I’m lucky where I have a lot of friends who help me out and how the burden isn’t on my shoulders. I lean heavily on my faith. Even though I have no confidence in myself I have a bit more in the other people around me. The only thing I really need to do is make sure I show up, and that’s the best part I can do. Then take it from there.
The next upcoming big gig for Majozi and his band will be at the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset festival on December 10th together with Majozi’s close friend Matthew Mole. Seeming to have some big ideas for it, they’re rehearsing as much as possible and we’re looking forward to see more from this incredible musician.
To stay updated on his success catch him on his Website or listen to his vibe on Spotify!
Photography & text by Matilda Westin Bergh