The Hog Hoggidy Hogs, the SA punk and the Bacon Fest

The Hog Hoggidy Hogs, the SA punk and the Bacon Fest


Not only known as the founders of the South African punk scene, but at times referred to as the godfathers of punk in South Africa, Hog Hoggidy Hogs have been jamming together since the mid 90’s. They have impacted many lives and now, two years after the tragic death of vocalist George Bacon, they’ve put together a show in memoriam of their beloved friend. Before rehearsal here at Soundcast Studios we had the chance to sit down with trombone player Ross McDonald  for a short talk. He was a close friend of Bacon and has been with the band since ’99. 

“We’re doing this to celebrate the essence of his life”

The concept of this upcoming event is to celebrate the life of Bacon. The goal is to make this a yearly event that honors the memory of George. 

“We have some great vocalists coming in doing their part”

McDonald has thousands of wild and crazy memories with Bacon. Picking only one is hard, from playing at gigs and festivals, to messing around backstage. Always ending in a good story and fun times had.

“I remember playing the Porky Song once, then we just walked off stage. Just to be as stupid as possible”

Catch them, and the rest of the lineup (incl. The Rudimentals), this Friday at The Mercury Live. Get your tickets for this unforgettable show here.  
Photography & text by Matilda Westin Bergh