Jack Mantis about graffiti, music and life in the Amazon

Jack Mantis about graffiti, music and life in the Amazon



On Friday Jack Mantis and the two latest additions to his band stopped by for a rehearsal here at Soundcast. After a three hour session, where they worked on getting their sound together, we got a chance to sit down with this intriguing and more than inspiring musician over a cup of coffee.

Since a kid, Mantis’ life has been centered around music, art and travels. His graffiti helped him get out of the, according to himself, strange neighborhood he grew up in. Something that eventually brought him to work with RedBull South Africa.

”I needed to have a voice in a place where that wasn’t allowed”


He now successfully makes a living doing what he loves. He has painted and showed his art all over the world. Berlin, Frankfurt and Bergen just to name a few. Graffiti aside, Jack Mantis is a well traveled man. He has sailed from South Africa to Namibia, spent months in the Amazon and just a month ago he walked 300km in northern Norway. He explains is as a break, every three years he likes to take a break and do something not everyone would sign up for.


“Graffiti has brought me many places and since I graduated school I’ve been constantly traveling around since.”  


Simply put, Mantis is a very inspiring man. If you haven’t heard his music yet, head over to the bands website or find them on spotify.

”For us this is the nicest rehearsal place in Cape Town. We’ll definitely come back and hang here. It’s a nice vibe and convenient with the café as well!” -Jack Mantis on Soundcast Studios.
Photography & text by Matilda Westin Bergh